IRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner review

If you research well, you will see that Roomba is the best robotic vacuum cleaner provider in the market. And now Roomba has come up with their latest Irobot 650 vacuum cleaner that can work on hardwood, carpets, tile and on the laminate floors. It can suck the pet hairs and comes with 7 modes of cleaning and all these are available just on your command.

What’s In The Box?

  • The vacuum cleaner with a bin
  • Charging dock
  • Charger for the battery
  • Extra Filter
  • Limited time warranty for the robot the battery for 1 year.


  • Smart

It comes with a bunch of sensors and the perfect design to go under any furniture. The height of the device is only 3.6” and it can suck the dirt out of basically anywhere. There is an inbuilt sensor that enables the vacuum to stay away from the stairs and other high places.

  • Simple to use

It does not have any complicated functionalities. All you need to do is press a single button and your machine is ready to vacuum. You can schedule the device to vacuum your home 7 times a week and make your home a clean place. It has an automatic functionality that enables it to return to its docking station and recharge automatically.

  • Clean

It has the best technology in built in itself:

  1. Agitate: it first use the brush to loosen the debris
  2. Brush: the rotating brush helps the debris to move away from the surface of the floors.
  3. Suction: the next step is the suction, where the debris goes inside of the vacuum and gets stored in the bin.


Whoever has bought Roomba 650, he has been pretty much happy with the cleaning efficiency of this vacuum cleaner. With a capability to clean the dust and dirt off the floors, it can also such the pet hair from various places as well. And you need not to deal with the device to get rid of the dirt. You just take your bin and empty it in a suitable place and that will be all. These are few of the advantages that the users have mentioned in their reviews:

  • Very much easy for use
  • Great performance irrespective of the floor type
  • Can clean the pet hairs
  • Emptying the bin is easier
  • Battery life really good and works for long hours.


Even though users have been happy with the Roomba 650 but still there are scopes for the device to improve:

  • The navigation of the device must be improved
  • It sometimes gets stuck to an obstacle or wall.
  • The noise generated while in the operation is loud compared to the other products


With a good review from almost every user, this robotic vacuum has become one of the favorites of the all. The price of this product is just about affordable and even though there is a little bit of problem with the navigation, this might be the best choice for any one at the price range of 600$. So, what are you waiting for? Get one for your home today and see the magic for yourself.

The Best Steam Mop Reviews

Can a daily home cleaning turn into a real pleasure? Of course, yes, if you – happy owner of a steam mop, which is why today we’ll show you how to choose the steam mop in the optimal ratio of price-quality. The name of this device speaks for itself – it is intended for high-quality floor cleaning. From the word “mop” only the form can be found in the device, otherwise it is rather a modification of the vacuum cleaner, which is treated with hot steam floor surface, and dust and dirt washes off thoroughly using microfiber. In this article you will learn about the intricacies of selecting steam mop, mop better what to buy and how to use this unusual device.


Types 1 Steam Mop: an overview
1.1 Classical Steam Mop
1.2 Steam Mop with elektrovenik
1.3 Ergonomic steam mop
2 How to use a steam mop

May 3 main criteria for the choice of steam mop
3.1 1. Power
3.2 2. The ability to use tap water
3.3 3. The presence of the lining of microfibre
3.4 4. Water tank volume
3.5 5. The device Hours
4 Useful Functions steam mop

Types of steam mops: an overview

shvabra-mop-x5-kupit-v-moskveBefore selecting a steam mop, preferably in advance to find out which model will suit you in terms of cleaning, both in terms of usability. The cost of this device with the steam system can range 600-10 000 rub.

Take the time to choose a low-cost model “on trial” – it may disappoint you in the very first application. On average, a good steam mop can be purchased for 4-5 TR

Consider the most common types of steam mops.
Classic Steam Mop

Cleans the surface of the floor without additional detergents – only device and water. floor manufacturing material can be any pairs equally well to cleanse as marble, laminate and parquet flooring, linoleum, etc. Classic devices have a basic set of features for high-quality disinfection and washing, so this option, you can choose and buy for the family nest, and regarded as the most optimal.
Steam Mop with elektrovenik

iBuilt elektrovenik a rotating roller mop can be used for dry cleaning. Roller speed can reach 2500 rev / min, which is not likely to leave even the age-old dirt. That type of mop is convenient to use in large rooms, especially where often go to the shoe.

steam mop with elektrovenik
Ergonomic steam mop

As a rule, it has a small size, but not inferior to conventional steam mop maneuverability. It has a cleaning head in the shape of a triangle, that allows the device to get to the most inaccessible places. If you have limited space, it is best to choose and buy this particular type of device.
How to use a steam mop

We will not devote much time to this issue, as the management of this wonderful device is simple, we can even say, intuition – are unlikely to have to climb into the statement:

12304-500x500device connected via a network cable;
flick of the wrist open the water tank;
pour into clean water tank to the maximum allowable mark;
press the button on the device;
the device is heated, steam begins to throw;
treat the surface of the floor working with a brush;
upon completion of the work, turn off the device;
let the mop to cool and drain the remaining water after use.

cleaning steam mop carpet
5 main criteria for the choice of steam mop

For the device to work on the conscience, recommend that before you choose and buy, check your favorite model of several parameters that affect the possibility of mops, and its reliability.
1. Power

Power unit affects the basic function – the steam. The higher the power, the greater the force applied steam cleaning is faster. Also, the power depends on the device and the heating rate. On average, 1200 watts a device is heated for 1-2 minutes, and the model with 1500 W – in just 30 seconds.
2. The ability to use tap water

You agree that water filters are not at all, and distilled water at the right moment can not be home. Choose a model with an active filter. Built Filter combats the formation of scale and eliminates limescale. However, any filter will sooner or later need to change – please specify when purchasing its life.
3. The presence of the lining of microfibre

12200-750x0These tissue lining during operation absorb all the dust and dirt from the floor surface. Rubbers microfibre differ in that they can be easily washed after use. Unfortunately, not all models are equipped with them, so before you choose and buy the device, check the availability of this accessory in the set.
4. Water tank volume

Water tank – a very important detail that is worth your attention. If you have a small apartment, it is enough reservoir to 250-350 ml for cleaning a couple of dozen square meters. For a large living space is best to buy a model with a tank, contain not less than 600 ml of water.
5. The device Hours

Standard time of continuous operation – a maximum of 15 minutes. Then the device must be allowed to cool, and can continue to direct cleaning after 20 minutes. Need more time? It is necessary to choose the steam mop with high power that will overcome uninterrupted cleaning the area in 45 minutes – 1 hour.
Useful features steam mop

The versatility of the device – it almost always means additional costs. But in some cases, a nice bonus included in the device manufacturer, can justify itself in the purchase and subsequent use.

Possibility of washing of glasses – steam mop with nozzle-scraper can turn into a windshield wiper;
Cone Nozzle – wearing it on the device, you can easily clean the dirt on the long-term batteries, hoods, pipes and drain hose;
Steamer fabric – this device can easily smooth out curtains or clothing, pre-hung it on the rack;
The nozzle in the form of a brush (for cleaning dust) – it can help to cleanse and renew the furniture, upholstery whose (except leather) is a continuous dust collector;
Handheld Steamer – Steam device is possible to clean the toilet, bath, sink, etc. Metal and nylon brush included cope with any pollution.

Review of Pillow for pregnant U-shaped – pillow for mom and baby

Leachco-Back-N-Belly-Contoured-Body-Pillow-IvoryReview: Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Price. Ease of use. It can be used in the form of a banana shaped and U-shaped. The cover can be washed.

It takes a lot of space on the bed.

Recently, I came across some reviews about the pillows for pregnant women. There were a few negative, but still they shared what they were bought for some crazy price. More than 3 thousand rubles (50 usd) … Moms you have nowhere to put the money? There are pillows for pregnant much cheaper with good quality.
And though after my pregnancy has been almost 2 years, I still decided to write about this pillow.
My usual sleeping position – is reclining on his stomach, one leg bent at the knee.
The pose is not the best to sleep, but I’ve been so comfortable.
And during pregnancy when the belly began to grow, so sleep was not very comfortable, and a little scary, with the result that on the stomach pumped. At first, I folded the blanket-crumpled between his legs, but set out to buy a special pillow.
At first, I pay a visit to the store, “I will be a mother”, just at the time was a promising advertising about this store. Pillows were there short and expensive. From clothes for me there, too, has come to nothing.
Then I once accidentally ended up in store “MamaBel” I bought myself in the hospital pants, a cream for stretch marks and at the same time to inquire about the pillow. It turns out that the store has a special offer for those who fill in the questionnaire, the pillow can be purchased at a discounted price – 600 rubles(10 usd). Here are just a pillow in there was not, but I promised to call back when they go on sale.
And indeed called. At lunchtime (I was then on the easy difficulty) I drove to the store co-worker “MamaBel” and bought a pillow for pregnant women. By the way my girlfriend (also pregnant at the time) set about trying to purchase this pillow, filled the questionnaire and then bought it.

Pillow was enough long, almost my height.
Color: blue on one side, on the other – with a gray pattern.
Material: hollofayber in the grid, knitted cover.
The cover can be removed and washed. I washed it several times, did not sit down, did not lose shape.
Cover with a zipper, zipper secret.

At the ends of the ties have cushions to keep the U-shape:

During pregnancy, I used a pillow in the shape of a banana to sleep, that is, tossing back on her foot.
It was great! My husband is not very. Pillow takes little room on a bunk bed, and my husband was uncomfortable to scatter their limbs during sleep. And another minus was that when I wanted to turn over, it was necessary to roll along with the pillow.
I remember being taken to hospital to save, I did not have that cushion. I even wanted me her husband had brought. But then he abandoned the idea because the beds in hospitals and so narrow, and here cushion floor bed takes. Yes, and be discharged from the hospital with all the junk complicated. Bring everything slowly, and take away all at once fall.

When the little baby was born, then this pillow I put on the side of the sofa under the sheets with elastic bands. Pillows did not fall and turned rim. That is, I was calm, that little baby will not fall to the floor.
During feeding me a pillow is not useful. It is assumed that you can lay a pillow behind his back and put it on the child. I fed lying down, so did without any attachment.

Why Weight Loss Shakes?

Weight Loss ShakeWhen you’re trying to lose weight, some of the most frustrating things are weighing food, counting calories and preparing healthy meals with a busy schedule. A terrific way to solve all of these problems is making weight loss shakes. Weight loss shakes are very convenient; you can make your own or buy them ready made at the grocery store or gas station. The great thing about these drinks is that (if you make your own) you are able to customize the drink to your personal tastes and food preferences. If you are a vegetarian or even a vegan you will find a lot of great reasons to choose a weight loss shake for your diet. Weight loss shakes are the perfect fast food; they are fresh and filling, they are nutritious and most importantly, they work. For a weight loss shake to be nutritious enough to replace a meal and be effective at helping you lose the weight, there are five components needed: protein, essential vitamins, fiber, water, and a metabolic booster). There are numerous reasons for these five components which you may explore in other articles. (according article)

Weight Loss SmoozieWeight loss shakes can also be pretty affordable. Creating your own weight loss shake is by far the best option. By using frozen fruit, fresh veggies, and adding protein powder, you can create a very nutritious and delicious weight loss shake for around $2.00. Consider this: use ¾ cup of frozen strawberries (about 20 servings in a 16oz. bag that costs $4.00), Use 1 cup of raw baby spinach…we promise it will taste delicious (about 4 servings in a $3.00 bag), add 1 scoop of protein powder ($19.00 for 27 servings), add some fiber (35 servings in a 16 oz. bag that costs $14.00), add water, maybe some cinnamon or other ingredient to boost your metabolism, and your total cost for this weight loss shake is this: strawberries .50, spinach .75, protein powder .70, flaxseed meal .40 = $2.35). This shake will not only help you lose weight, but it has all the nutrients you need in one convenient, affordable weight loss shake!

Let’s compare this $2.35 shake to some weight loss shakes and meals on the market. We will start with Weight Watchers (Smart Ones) meals that cost only $1.99 at Wal-Mart. The Smart Ones Chicken Carbona is 260 calories, has 5 grams of fat, 2 grams of fiber, and 21 grams of protein. Weight loss shakes by Pure Protein cost only $1.99 at Drug Emporium, while they have a whopping 35 grams of protein, they only contain 2 grams of fiber and lack many essential nutrients. Okay, now let’s compare our own shake made at home. Our homemade weight loss shake has (3/4 cup of Strawberries = 40 calories 9 grams of fiber, 1 cup spinach = 7 calories and 1 gram of fiber, 1 scoop of protein powder: 140 calories 25 grams of protein, flaxseed meal = 60 calories 4 g fiber). Weight Loss Shake: Total Calories 247, total fiber 14 grams, total protein 25 grams. Now let’s place them side by side for our comparison.

Homemade Weight Loss Shake

Smart One

Pure Protein Shake

Protein = 25 grams

Protein = 21 grams

Protein = 35 grams

Essential Vitamins = Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate, Antioxidents

Essential Vitamins = Calcium, Iron

Essential Vitamins = Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus

Fiber = 14 grams

Fiber = 2 grams

Fiber = 2 grams

Metabolic Booster = Yes, whichever ingredient you choose.

Metabolic Booster = No

Metabolic Booster = No

Water = about 1 cup

Water = less than 1 oz.

Water = about 1 cup

We hope the side by side comparison helps you see the superiority of creating your own weight loss shake at home. Creating your own shake guarantees you will have a balanced meal replacement that will help with your weight loss. For starters the Smart one and the Pure Protein offer nothing in the way of nutrients from fruit or vegetables. We need essential nutrients from plants with each meal in order to get enough antioxidants, vitamin C,  and a myriad of other vitamins you  get from plants. Next, you need more than 2 grams of fiber per meal. According to the Institute of Medicine, women need 25 grams of fiber per day and men need 38 grams of fiber each day. Fiber helps you feel full, keeps your digestive system healthy, helps block fat, and does so much more.  Next, let’s talk about protein. Web MD states that women need 46 grams per day and men need 56 grams per day. You must have protein in order to maintain your muscle mass. Why do you need to maintain your current muscle mass? Well, muscle weight burns more calories than fat weight. It’s that simple. If you want to lose weight, you have to be sure you are losing fat not muscle. So, the better meal is the shake. Now let’s look at things that boost your metabolism. You are able to choose from a large group of ingredients to boost your metabolism. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fish oil and flaxseed oil. These Omega 3s reduce inflammation and balance your blood sugar which in turn helps speed up your metabolism. Green tea, Cayenne, White Willow Extract, Yerba Mate, Bitter Orange, Yohimbe, Kelp, Gaurana, Ginsing, and Cinnamon are all easy to add ingredients that help boost your metabolism. The last, but possibly most important component that the weight loss shake has is WATER! Yes WATER! You MUST, we cannot emphasize this enough…MUST drink your water! Dehydration slows down the fat burning process and causes constipation. In order to keep your body flushing out the excess fat you have to give it enough water. Eight glasses of water per day is a good rule of thumb.

We hope this article has shown you what a superior weight loss option a homemade weight loss shake is. Give it a try and start down the road to weight loss success! Wishing you good luck and good health!

Hoover vs. Bissell carpet cleaners: who wins, your pocket or your specialized needs?

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaner?

So the level of dust in your carpet(s) has accumulated so much that they are beginning to change their color? Or, is that big stain your pooch made on the carpet in the living room starting to drive you crazy?

If so, you are practically presented with three options: by a new carpet(s), probably not exactly a cheap option. The other is, call a carpet cleaning service, not exactly a cheap option itself, particularly having in mind that you’ll have to clean that carpet again at some point. The third, and probably the most rational one is to get a carpet cleaner. But then, which one?

Usually, the buyers opt for one of the two options, an upright carpet cleaner from “Hoover” or “Bissell”. If you check with the company that cleans the office you work in, they’ll tell you the use “Bissell” machines. The reason being that “Bissell” has some specialized features that other carpet cleaners don’t, and that is why it dominates the commercial cleaners market. On the other hand, if you check with them what vacuum cleaners they use, and the strength of the motor is as essential in the carpet cleaners too, they will probably tell you it is a “Hoover” machine. So what if you don’t do carpet cleaning for a living, but you still need one?

The first important thing to check out, is the power capabilities of the machines you are comparing. If you do so, both “Hoover” and “Bissel” demonstrate approximately the same power characteristics. But, it seems that “Hoover” can do better suction. This will probably pick-up more dirt and moisture from the carpet cleaner, as well as shorten the time for the carpet to dry.

“Bissell” machines, on the other hand have the patented “Bissell Heatwave” technology. What this does is keep the temperatures at needed working levels for a longer time, which in itself leads to more detailed cleaning. What both machines are practically equal at is the quality of the brushes in their cleaners, as well as the quality of the specialized detergents they offer to their customers. In the end, the customers of both carpet cleaners seem to be satisfied with their cleaning capabilities, and the race in that respect is neck to neck. The same goes for the durability of both brands, which is reported to be high, with almost the same potential problems.

So, what are the differences? “Bissell”, as a specialized brand for commercialized brand offers additional capabilities that are particularly useful for pet owners. In that respect, they offer considerably more than “Hoover” machines, and that could be sometimes a main reason somebody will opt to buy a carpet cleaner. So in that respect, “Bissell” wins. On the other hand, if you do not need some specialized features that “Bissel” offers, “Hoover” machines have one obvious advantage: they are cheaper.

In the end, both brands exhibit excellent cleaning qualities. It is up to you to see what should win: your pocket or your specialized needs. More information on

Clean Your Carpet Like a Champ!

It is often said, they who feel it, knows it! If you have a carpet, then you would completely understand the level of frustration surrounding its cleanliness! As we all know carpets have a tendency to accumulate a great deal of dust and even dirt over time. Simply neglecting a dirty carpet should never be a thought. You see, they can collect microscopic organisms like dust mites for instance; and in some cases fungus/bacteria etc. This can not only be unhygienic, but for someone who has terrible allergies, this could present a problem. More so a dirty carpet not only creates a visual eyesore in a room, but can begin to release foul odors, ruining the atmosphere of the room. It’s due to this, regular carpet cleaning is not only recommended, but necessary. The frequency of the cleaning session can vary depending on the volume of foot traffic in the room, presence of kids, pets or anyone who has serious allergies. So, for some people it could be anywhere from once in six months/once in two months, to 2 to 3 times a week.

For the select few, they would vacuum often, or even take the best precautions, and it would still feel or look like their carpet hasn’t been cleaned in weeks! At the end of the day, no matter how hard you try to avoid certain things, the unexpected curved balls life throws your way can’t be avoided (Sudden Spills, Weird pet/kid Stains etc). However, they can be dealt with!
Remember it’s not mainly about working hard, but ensuring you work smart; and you can do just that using the Bissell 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula. When tested, has proven to be the best Carpet Cleaner Shampoo.

· Cleans with the intent to remove dirt and stains

· Contains Scotchgard Protector to help protect your carpet from future stains

· Has DOUBLE the concentrated cleaning power
· This was specifically laboratory tested and is safe to use in any Bissell, Hoover, Dirt Devil and Rug Doctor full size deep cleaning machines
· Has a specially mixed formula which contains biodegradable detergents, no phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners or heavy metals

When compared to many other popular brands, I’ll show you WHY this one holds up:
· It ensures a deep clean (No False Advertising)

· Although Pricier than others, it lasts longer due to being TWICE as concentrated as other brands

· A Little bit of the solution can clean an entire room (270+ sqft), without adding more shampoo (unlike other brands)

· Doesn’t overpower the room with the fragrance.
So if you’re tired of working hard to get that carpet in pristine condition, use the Bissell 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula. Transform the way you clean and protect your carpet from future damage with the ScotchGuard Feature! Happy Cleaning!