Causes of Acid Reflux: Emptying of the Stomach

Acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, can be caused by a few different things, one being the emptying of the stomach. Many simply think that the cause is fatty foods or foods that are high in cholesterol, but there are actually life altering events that can cause acid reflux. Some patients may actually produce an abnormal amount of acid that causes acid reflux and others may have several different causes at work, but chances are it is one of four causes; this is what you need to know about the emptying of the stomach.

With most people suffering from acid reflux the episodes occur after eating a meal, usually within a few minutes from completing the meal. However, with some people the stomach tends to empty in an abnormally slow manner that causes the probability of acid reflux to get better and better. Usually this is due to a transient relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter caused by the distention in the stomach that is brought on by eating a large meal.

Since the stomach continues to empty over a long period of time the possibility of acid reflux occurring skyrockets and makes a longer period of discomfort. Even though this has been found in people suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease it is not common at all, only being found in around 20% of people with the condition. There is no clear cause and effect with all forms of acid reflux or with all people that suffer from acid reflux on a flat and general scale.

If you don’t know what is causing your acid reflux then it may be in your best interest to seek help from a medical professional in hopes of curing your problem. Your acid reflux could be brought on by some sort of life experience that you don’t read about on the internet or might only be helped by a specific brand of medication. As is the case with other disease or conditions causing discomfort, there are solutions to be found in grocery and drug stores, but could only see help brought on by prescription drugs.

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