Enduring an Upper Endoscopy

Doctors will generally give you a number of options to help them diagnose the existence of gastroesophageal reflux disease and a few of them may sound difficult or confusing. To help you decide which diagnosis procedure may be best for you there are a few things you should know about one of the more popular techniques for diagnosing acid reflux, upper endoscopy. Learn what will happen, what it takes to be prepared for the procedure, and what you should be able to know when the procedure is over by simply reading on.

What is it? The procedure of upper endoscopy is truly a gem of modern technology as it allows a doctor to see what is inside of you without actually having to open you up at all. The doctor will send a very small tube down the throat through the esophagus and down to the stomach that will allow him or her to see the inside of your body on a television to see if there is any irritation or abrasions on the esophagus or stomach.

How do I prepare for it? Like many procedures that involve the treating of the digestive system, it is recommended that you not eat or drink for at LEAST six hours before the process takes place. You should have a detailed conversation with the doctor before the procedure takes place to note any special circumstances like medication allergies or conditions that the doctor should need to take care of during the process.

What is the recovery time? There is not a long or difficult time of recovery needed after the endoscopy, instead you will probably be supervised by a medical professional to make sure that the medication wears off in due time, then notes will be taken about the feeling of the throat. If the throat is sore and swallowing is painful then some gargling of a chemical may be ordered, but it won’t last long and you will be back on your diet later that same day.

When are the results available? Some doctors will be able to give you a somewhat definitive diagnosis immediately after the procedure on what he or she believes the situation may be. However, most doctors will wait for the official results that could take three to four days to receive.

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