Causes of Acid Reflux: Esophageal Contractions

Acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, can be caused by a few different things, one being esophageal contractions. Many simply think that the cause is fatty foods or foods that are high in cholesterol, but there are actually life altering events that can cause acid reflux. Some patients may actually produce an abnormal amount of acid that causes acid reflux and others may have several different causes at work, but chances are it is one of four causes; this is what you need to know about esophageal contractions.

The most important process in avoiding acid reflux is swallowing, which may seem like a relatively easy task to perform at first. However, not everyone does this the same and it is what helps the food that you eat be pushed through the esophagus and finally end up in its rightful place in the stomach. Swallowing causes a contraction called peristalsis that begins in the upper esophagus and ends in the lower esophagus with a ring like wave pushing the food through the proper way.

With individuals that suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease this process is defective and the acid that is refluxed is not pushed through the stomach in the proper way. The pressure that is made by the swallow of the person suffering from this condition is not enough to complete the process or the swallows don’t have enough strength to even reach the stomach. This defective disorder is commonly found in people that suffer, not just from acid reflux, but from severe acid reflux disorders.

As usual with acid reflux, the condition worsens at night when the individual does not have the support of gravity in the swallowing process. Though the swallows may be weak with esophageal contractions in the beginning, they are even weaker without the aid of gravity to push the acid into the stomach. Esophageal contractions do not occur in all individuals who suffer from acid reflux, but it does occur in those with the most severe cases, meaning that if you suffer greatly you probably have weak esophageal contractions.

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