The Doctor Visit: Acid Reflux

Now the pain has gotten to be a little bit too much and you are ready to move on to consulting a medical professional to determine just what it is that afflicts you and your digestive system. How do you know what to take to your doctor and just what is pertinent to those who are suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease? Helping the doctor diagnose it right in the first place may help you begin to overcome the symptoms of acid reflux faster and more efficiently, here are a few things you should speak to the doctor about.

Make Notes Before the Visit- Like when we take a test in high school or college the chances are that we know what we want to say before the test begins, but not after it has begun. Something about the doctor makes us begin to space out, making the case for taking notes even more important than you thought. Don’t forget anything, it doesn’t make you a nerd to take a sheet of paper with notes on it into the exam room.

Make Detailed Notes about Your Symptoms- Don’t be embarrassed by the struggles with abdominal pain or stomach discomfort, it may be crucial to your diagnosis. If you have had extreme weight loss or struggles with major headaches then it is in your best interest to share this with the doctor. Even if it doesn’t help with a diagnosis of acid reflux it could help diagnose the problem at hand. Make sure you note problems with swallowing or any pain you may have as a result of swallowing as this could mean your reflux is of the more severe persuasion.

Allow the Doctor to Understand Your Life- You don’t have to share your deepest and darkest secrets with the doctor, but do let him or her know of major changes in your life like diet or weight loss. If you have had struggles with your mood or stress levels lately then it may be related to the condition that you are afflicted with. Finally, it may seem invasive or embarrassing, but let the doctor know if you are suffering from a loss of sexual desire or libido. If it helps you feel better then it will be worth it.

Remember that though the doctor is trained to perform these kinds of diagnosis, it doesn’t mean that he or she can do it without the help from you, the patient. Make sure you provide everything possible about your life to help the process.

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