Treating Acid Reflux with Endoscopy

What is possible for someone who is suffering from the symptoms of acid reflux disease who cannot endure a surgery or is not seeing results from prescription drugs to alleviate the pain? Recent developments with endoscopy have provided a new and improved way to try to overcome gastroesophageal reflux disease for the faint of heart from the hospital knife. There are a few different types of endoscopy that are available to those afflicted with GERD, below is a brief description of each of these procedures.

Suturing the LES- This type of endoscopy requires the doctor to suture or stitch the area around the lower esophageal sphincter. What this procedure does is tighten the sphincter in a way that it can be much more successful in assisting in the proper treatment of acid in the system. This has been very successful and is relatively painless overall.

Radio Frequency LES- Those who know how GERD works understand that the lower esophageal sphincter is perhaps the most important part of the process to alleviate acid pains from acid reflux. With radio frequency treatment the doctor will send radio waves through the outside of the stomach in the area around the sphincter. These waves will cause damage to the tissue around the sphincter and shrink the scar tissue, in turn tightening the LES.

Esophageal Wall Injection- This process injects a material into the esophageal wall that adds pressure to the LES and prevents reflux. This is another excellent alternative to surgery or the constant bombardment of antacids and histamine antagonists. With the relative immaturity of these procedures it is important to find a doctor who is experienced and confident in performing the procedure.

Finally, if you are at your doctor inquiring about ways to prevent acid reflux ask him or her if there are any new procedures for preventing transient LES relaxation. There are a few on the market today, but most have several side effects and aren’t generally considered to be a viable alternative to reflux.

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