ADHD disorder is most common among preschoolers

The ADHD disorder is commonly observed in preschoolers and young children who are just entering the first grade. The causes and the symptoms of the disorder are varied. Most children suffering with this disorder find it difficult to cope with daily work and their immediate surroundings. Statistics have shown that in the United States alone 2 million children suffer from this disorder.

There is no specific cause that is responsible for triggering the disorder. Brain damage, due to an accident at a young age, was earlier thought to be major cause of the disorder. However, studies have shown that this can be attributed only in a low percentage of students. Scientists are now exploring genetic, environmental and behavioral areas to understand this unusual disorder.

They have also found some indications. For instance, some genetic studies have shown that children whose parents or close relatives have suffered from the disorder are more likely to get it. It has also been found that pregnant mothers who take to alcohol and smoking during their pregnancy term are likely to have a child who may suffer from ADHD. However, the search for identifying the gene that is responsible for the disorder is still on.

The symptoms observed in children suffering from ADHD are varied. Impulsivity, lack of concentration and hyperactivity are the most evident symptoms of the disorder. In few cases daydreaming has also been observed. The symptoms become most apparent over a period of one year or more. It is difficult to diagnose a child with ADHD since the symptoms seem general.

However, it should be noted that in the case of ADHD children the symptoms usually persist for a longer period of time. It is important to seek professional medical help. Also, it is important to provide emotional support to such children. The individuals most suited to do this are the immediate family members and the school teachers.

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