ADHD self test is an unreliable tool

The ADHD self test is a very inadequate method of establishing ADHD. This test can be carried out by parents whose children are less than seven years old or by teens and adults. In either case, the findings should be discussed by an experienced doctor, before coming to any conclusion.

One of the symptoms of an individual suffering from ADHD is low attention span or inattentiveness. This can be diagnosed as an ADHD case if the child shows six or more of the following symptoms for at least six months:

1. Makes careless mistakes while doing school work;

2. Finds it difficult to focus attention on specific tasks.

3. Does not listen even though he is being addressed directly.

4. Fails to carry out instructions regarding school work because he cannot comprehend what he is expected to do.

5. Faces difficulty in organizing even routine tasks and activities.

6. Avoids tasks that require sustained mental effort

7. Loses or misplaces important items like pencils, books, tools, toys etc as a routine

8. Is easily distracted

9. Forgets even routine work

Another symptom of ADHD is hyperactivity-impulsiveness. Here too a self test can be done to find out if the child suffers from ADHD or not. In this test, the child should display six or more of the following patterns:

1. Constantly fidgets or squirms in seat.

2. Goes out of the classroom without permission.

3. Runs about or climbs trees, walls etc without any reason.

4. Finds it difficult to engage in leisure activities quietly.

5. Is always on the go.

6 Talks excessively, irrespective of requirements.

7. Blurts out answers even before the teacher can complete the question.

8. Is impatient, and cannot wait for his turn to come.

The parents have a reason to worry if their child tests positive in these self tests. They must immediately consult a doctor, and do as advised.

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