All parents must build an ADHD support system

ADHD is an emotional disorder that commonly plagues children who are less than seven years of age. These children are given to extreme emotions. Some are hyperactive, some are impulsive while the others are inattentive. All these children need to be put on an ADHD support system – that is they should be given special care at home and at school.

The best emotional support can only come from parents, who should look upon their ADHD child as one who needs emotional sustenance. They should go out of their way in providing their child an emotionally strong and supportive environment.

The child should not be left alone to do the homework. Instead, one of the parents must spend some time with the child when he or she is doing the home work. They should even reward the child if the work is done well. This will encourage the child to pay more attention to work.

The parents must avoid scolding the child. They may show their disapproval in a mild manner, but must certainly avoid harsh punishments. They must realize that the child forgets things or is unable to understand things like other children because he is suffering from a disorder. The child needs their support, not their anger.

The parents should also speak to the child’s teachers, and brief them on the problems the child is facing. Today, most schools provide support to such children by giving them less work or involving them in those group activities that they enjoy. Some teachers even help the child with the school work. Such support increases the confidence of the child, and he or she starts taking greater interest in school activities.

The parents can also place their children in behavioral therapy classes. Such classes further improve the confidence levels of children suffering from ADHD.

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