Hyperactivity and impulsiveness are common ADHD symptoms

The symptoms most noticed among children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Each new day is a challenge for the children who show signs of ADHD symptoms. These symptoms may vary according to the surroundings but they do affect their behavior.

On the basis of the symptoms, ADHD can be classified into three types: the Impulsive-hyperactive, the Inattentive and the Inattentive-hyperactive –impulsive. However, there are few children who show all the symptoms.

Also, it should not be concluded that all children who show signs of impulsiveness or are hyperactive suffer from ADHD. According to doctors, the symptoms should be persistent and should occur before they reach the age of seven. The symptoms of ADHD generally become apparent as the child finishes the prep school.

The parents at home and teachers at school are the best judges. They can help in identifying the problem at an early stage by studying the behavioral responses. Most of these symptoms are situation dependent.

For instance a child who is suffering from hyperactive –impulsive ADHD will be difficult to control in the class. He will be unable to sit still for more than a few minutes and will be constantly fidgeting. He will also be easily distracted and take impulsive actions without giving a thought. Such children are overactive in the playfield and can often be impatient and aggressive.

On the other hand, children who suffer from Inattentive ADHD are likely to be completely opposite. They prefer to sit alone and handle things by themselves. They can also be classified as daydreamers. Social relations are not a hassle for most of these children but they tend to be lazy and lethargic in nature. They have difficulty in adapting to new situations and can find school work challenging.

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