ADHD treatment varies from child to child

The parents must avoid giving ADHD treatment themselves. They must consult a specialist and follow what the specialist says. They must also make sure that the dosage prescribed by the doctor is not changed.

Besides medication, the parents must also seek counseling and behavioral therapy for their children. There is no harm in encouraging children to take yoga, hypnosis or meditation classes. Such classes improve the concentration and general well being of the children. However, this must be done in consultation with the doctor treating the child.

The commonly prescribed drugs for ADHD are Methylphenidate and Dexamfetamine. Both these drugs are stimulants and reduce the feeling of hyperactivity and impulsiveness in a child. They need to be administered in the dosage prescribed by trained medical practitioners.

Side effects like nausea, loss of appetite and excess sleep are often experienced by the child at the start of the course. However, these disappear gradually. A non-stimulant Atomoxetine is also prescribed to children who are older than 6 years. This drug is also used to treat teenagers suffering from ADHD.

However, medicines only provide a feeling of temporary relief. They need to be backed with behavioral therapy and emotional counseling. This will help the child cope better with the daily stress.

Behavioral therapy and counseling can also instill confidence in the child and enable him to perform better. The child becomes emotionally stronger and is able to control the emotions better. Even parents tend to cope with the situation better if they are also counseled. They get to understand their child better, and are able to guide them accordingly.

Similarly, educational therapy helps the child to perform better in the academics. This is usually done in cooperation with the teacher. By reducing the symptoms the child can focus better in his studies. Social relationships are also improved over a period of time.

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