An ADHD woman is unpredictable

The ratio of girls who are diagnosed for ADHD is much less as compared to boys. Most of them grow into an ADHD woman without their symptoms being properly diagnosed or treated.

The reason can be attributed to the fact that many girls tend to be inconspicuous, hence are overlooked. In contrast, hyperactive or impulsive girls are most often looked upon as tomboys, and encouraged to be different. The result is that a lot of young girls grow up without knowing that they are suffering from ADHD.

This is unfortunate, because it creates serious personality problems for these women. They grow up to be depressed, anxious and unsure about their lives. Their unpredictable behavior adds to their woes further.

They find it very difficult to juggle with children, home and office responsibilities. Often, they crumble under pressure, not knowing what to do. This also has a bad effect on children who may become victims of their mother’s unpredictable behavior. Sometimes such children are subjected to the worst forms of child abuse.

Fortunately, marriage between an ADHD woman and an ADHD man works out perfectly in most cases. This is because they are able to understand each other better. They can lend support to each other and work towards their strengths. All the extra enthusiasm and zest is utilized for livening up the house. Even bad phases can be dealt with smoothly in cooperation with the husband.

However, it must be accepted that organizational skills among women suffering from ADHD may be a degree less as compared to normal women, but they are in no way an obstacle. Most of them enjoy their work and tend to do more than the normal person – as long as their uncertainties are at bay. That is where counseling can come in. It can help erase their uncertainties, increase their confidence and enable them to perform better.

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