Child ADHD treatment

Medication backed by counseling and therapy is the best child ADHD treatment that a parent can hope for. The therapy is multi-pronged and focuses on issues like anxiety, depression and moodiness displayed by children suffering from ADHD. It helps even more if the parents too undergo a behavioral therapy course. This helps them understand their child better.

The medication normally prescribed by doctors is stimulants, the most common being Methylphenidate and Dextroamphetamine. These stimulants work by regulating the level of dopamine in the body, which, in turn, makes the child less hyperactive and restlessness. It also increases the child’s concentration levels and the ability to focus. Socializing and making friends too becomes easier.

These drugs are marketed under different names like Concerta and Dexedrine. If no improvement is noticed over a period of time, then you should ask your doctor to change the drug or regulate the dosage. The drugs should only be consumed under medical supervision and in the prescribed dosage only. Minor side effects like nausea, headaches, and sleep can be felt during the initial course. They gradually disappear over a period of time.

Since medication only provides temporary relief it is better to enlist a child in a therapy course. Most of these programs are run by qualified doctors or psychologists. Since the therapy in most cases is on a one-to one basis, a child can freely talk to the therapist about his feelings and symptoms. Such sessions help children to become aware of their problems and control their emotions better. A big advantage is that they are able to focus on immediate problems, and take decisions by themselves.

Educational therapy is usually done with the cooperation of teachers at school. Short assignments and notes on class work can help the child fare better in the academics. Group therapy or interactive sessions also enable the child and the parent to understand each other better.

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