Diagnosing ADHD requires special skills

There is nothing more difficult than diagnosing ADHD because the symptoms are too general and too common among children. But this does not mean that you should ignore these symptoms. You must seek professional help if your child’s behavior puzzles you or worries you.

There are three kinds of professionals who can help you. These are: child psychiatrist, child psychologist or a doctor whose has handled ADHD cases. A child physiatrist is often the best choice since he can provide medicines to treat the symptoms as well as provide behavioral therapy to help the child grow emotionally and mentally stronger.

A psychologist on the other hand can only provide counseling that often deals with ways to relate to the problem. Sometimes the counseling can be extended to the parents as well. A qualified doctor who has treated ADHD cases can help in correctly assessing your child’s problems and can treat them accordingly. The choice of the professional depends wholly on the parents and on the comfort levels of the child. In the initial phase of the diagnosis the professionals speak to the parents and the teachers regarding the child’s past and current medical history. They also enquire about the behavior of the child when placed in different situations. The situations can be finishing a simple class assignment, interacting with classmates in the class or on the playfield and interacting with parents at home. Sometimes an informal chat with the child’s friends can provide valuable insight into the child’s behavior.

A child is said to suffer from ADHD if he or she shows symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattention continuously over a period of time. These problems make it difficult for the child to cope up with daily school work and to relate with home activities. The child also finds it difficult to maintain social relationships.

Once diagnosed with ADHD the child is put under medication and counseling.

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