Natural cure for ADHD

The natural cure for ADHD revolves around changing the daily lifestyle and eating habits of children suffering from ADHD. These changes may not produce an immediate effect but they do make a difference over a period of time. The big advantage is that these effects are long lasting and there is no danger of getting addicted to any harmful drugs. There is also no possibility of side-effects.

Herbal remedies form another natural way of dealing with ADHD. They also produce no side-effects, and tone up the body functioning. Some of the herbs used commonly for treating ADHD are Centella Asiatica, Siberian Ginseng, Ginko Biloba and Green Oats.

When used alone or as a cocktail, these herbs produce effects that are similar to those produced by the drugs Ritalin or Concerta. They also strengthen the natural functioning of the body, and improve concentration levels, making the child feel happier and more positive.

Each herb plays its own role. For instance, Green Oats or Avena Sativa improves the functioning of the nervous system and Ginseng boosts the immunity levels of the body and improves blood circulation. Together, they produce a long lasting effect which can be felt even after the course is stopped. It is important to stop all other forms of medication when taking herbal medicines.

Diet also plays an important role in ADHD. Dieticians see a correlation between intake of certain foods and moodiness. The culprits in most cases are rich fatty foods or high calorie sugar foods. Hence, it is necessary to regulate the intake of junk foods. Emphasis should be laid on drinking more water and eating fruits and green vegetables. They contain natural anti-oxidants that can help revitalize the body. The water also flushes out unnecessary toxins from the body.

And when it comes to natural cure, don’t forget regular exercise. It’s the best cure.

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