Parenting child with ADHD

One of the most traumatic experiences for most fathers or mothers is parenting child with ADHD. Each day is an emotional struggle for them as they learn to cope with their child’s ADHD problems. There are times when they feel hopeful but there are also times when they feel helpless and frustrated. It is important for them to maintain their emotional composure.

A good idea is to join a counseling session. Most behavioral therapy sessions give an insight into the child’s behavior. Equally helpful are group sessions and discussions. They allow parents whose children are suffering from ADHD to come together and speak with each other. They boost the morale of most parents, who take solace from the fact that their child is not the only one suffering from the disorder. Tips and thoughts exchanged at such meetings can help the parents understand their child better.

Since most children suffering from ADHD are hyperactive or impulsive it is useful to lay down a few discipline rules. One of the systems most parents use is the token system. In this, the child collects a token for every task he completes. The token can be a small gift or anything he wants. Words of approval and appraisal help the child in performing the task better.

A mild penalty is given in cases when the child is unable to fulfill a task. Sometimes as a form of penalty the child is asked to sit alone for a little time. This gives the child time to think about his earlier actions. However, the penalty should be mild as severe punishments are not helpful. They can only make the child more obstinate and obdurate. This rewards and penalty policy helps the child to deal with sudden emotional outbursts. The child also learns to take decisions independently.

Since ADHD children lack organizational skills they should be given the day’s schedule. For instance, they should be asked to pack their bags in the night itself. Similarly, they should be encouraged to finish the home work early. They should also be given plenty of time to play with others. All this will make them more confident.

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