How do you spot signs of ADHD

The first signs of ADHD are normally observed by parents or teachers. They realize that the impulsiveness or hyperactivity displayed by the child is not normal. It is not like other children who return to their normal state after a burst of hyperactivity. In the case of ADHD children, the symptoms persist over a much longer span of time.

The same applies to those children who are unable to focus on a subject for more than half an hour. Don’t dismiss it as a lack of interest in the subject. Find out if the child gets distracted even while watching his favorite TV show or while reading a story book. If the child gets distracted easily or is unable to focus on a single issue then you should take it as the first warning sign.

You should start observing the mannerisms of your child closely. Is he rude or rebellious at certain times? Does he adopt an aggressive attitude when he is refused something? Rebellions and violent tempers are often associated with children suffering from ADHD. You can talk to his friends about his behavior in the playfield. He is likely to suffer from ADHD if he acts as a bully or is very aggressive in nature.

There is also a possibility that your child is suffering from ADHD if he is unusually quiet for his age. He prefers to daydream and has difficulty in grasping concepts and facts. These are symptoms of a child suffering with Inattentive ADHD.

Teachers can sometimes provide accurate information of the child’s behavior during school hours. They may also be able to pinpoint the exact problem. For instance, a child may be prone to excessive fidgeting while the teacher is taking a class. Some students may answer without thinking; some may unable to comprehend even the easiest of subjects.

These are all pointers, and should be taken seriously.

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