Teaching ADHD child

Teaching ADHD child is not easy. It requires special effort on the part of the parents and teachers to reach out to such a child. Not only they have to devote more time to such children but they also have to be careful.

Most children who suffer from ADHD have weak organizational and management skills. There is always a tendency that they might forget to write down the daily homework or leave books in school.

You can help your child by preparing a daily schedule for him. The schedule should be kept in a place where the child can see it. He will find it easier to follow a schedule than take decisions all by himself. If there are changes to be made to the schedule then tell him beforehand. Last minute changes can only confuse the child.

You should praise such children when they finish a task. It boosts their morale and helps them focus better. Mild penalties can be given if they fail to complete a task. This will enable them to act with more responsibility. However, you should take care not to push them as it can trigger an emotional outburst.

You should speak to the school authorities, specifically with the child’s teachers and explain the problems. Most teachers help the child by providing notes or by writing down the homework for them. Most of these efforts help the child to fare better.

You can ask the teachers to monitor the behavior of the child if you suspect that your child may be suffering from ADHD. Also, you can get a checkup done from the school doctor. Otherwise you can seek help from outside medical professionals. If it is confirmed that your child is suffering from ADHD then it is necessary to put him under treatment. It will help control the progress of the disease.

Spend as much time as possible with your child. Most of the problems can be sorted out if you can understand the needs of your child.

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