Teen ADHD is very rarely diagnosed

The teenage years are the most difficult for any child. They can be equally difficult for your child if he or she is suffering from ADHD. Mostly teen ADHD is confused with physical and emotional changes that take place at this time of a child’s life. The emotional or violent outbursts are blamed on the onset of puberty or adolescence. Very rarely, the parents try to find out the root cause.

It is best to get a revised medical statement from the doctors regarding the health of your child if he or she behaves abnormally during teen years. You can also reach out to your child during these traumatic years.

You should understand that your child has grown up and his needs have changed. Though it is important to give him space you should guide and support your child nevertheless. Most of the problems are lessened if you share a good rapport with your child.

You should continue to encourage and praise your child for the work he has completed. Continue to lay down the daily schedule and see that he follows it strictly. You can always take his inputs while preparing the schedule. This will help him feel more involved and responsible.

An ADHD teen is likely to be more irritable and impulsive in nature. Ask him to think about his actions. Sometimes self-introspection can help him control his emotions better. In the case of hyperactive teens channelise the extra energy into pursuing a hobby or much loved sport. It will increase the confidence levels and lower the feeling of anxiety and depression.

Explain the problem to his friends and teachers. Monitor his behavior closely. If you feel that there is an increase in the degree of the symptoms then seek medical help. Sometimes a few sessions of counseling can help.

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