Treatment option for ADHD

The treatment of ADHD is no longer limited to simple medication. The National Institute of Health has drawn up a multimodal plan that attacks ADHD through medication as well as therapy. This gives parents a chance to figure out the treatment option for ADHD that suits their child best.

Among the options available are: plain medication, simple behavioral therapy, a combination of therapy and medication and a community treatment method. Besides this, the parents also have the option to seek natural or herbal cure for their child.

The two drugs that are commonly prescribed for ADHD are Methylphenidate and Dexamfetamine. These drugs cut down on a child’s hyperactive behavior. They also make the child less impulsive. The only discomforting part is that these stimulants produce side-effects like nausea, loss of appetite and excess sleep in the beginning. Doctors also prescribe a non-stimulant Atomoxetine to children who are more than 6 years old or to teenagers suffering from ADHD.

Besides medicine, doctors advise behavioral therapy and emotional counseling for both parents and children. Such therapy gives a better understanding of the disorder to parents, and instills greater confidence among children.

Further, the child is helped by the teachers in carrying out the school work. The teacher not only helps the child with class work but also assists the child in group activities. At home, the parents draw up a schedule to help the child think, and respond on his own.

The parents can also go in for herbal therapy. Some of the herbs that are used to treat ADHD are: Ginkgo biloba, Scuttellaria laterifolia (skull cap), Matricaria recutita (German chamomile), Gotu Kola and Green oats.

The biggest benefit of herbal remedies is that there are no side effects. The herbs tone up the body and make the child feel healthy and fit. They also improve the general immunity and concentration levels. Most of these positive effects continue even after the medicines are stopped.

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