Allergies and colds

People who have air-borne allergies like tree or flower pollens or pet allergies could because sick from their allergies. In the spring and the fall, it is the time of the year when the pollen rate in the air is high. This is because flowers or trees are coming back to live from the cold winter or they are preparing to spread their seed for the following year. This two times of the year is extremely important to anyone with allergies. Sometimes it seems like your allergies will never go away. That you will feel like your head is being crushed by pressure. Not only will you feel terrible from the pressure in your head and sinuses, but also you can develop a cold from it.

Have you ever heard the expression "making yourself sick"? This is a classic case of that. Allergies have a tendency to break us down and we begin to feel sick. Allergies are related to hay fever. Hay fever is when you feel sick and your body temperatures will rise. Hay fever can put a damper on any weekend plans you might have. This is why it is important to seek help.

You need to pinpoint exactly what makes you feel so terrible. Some people it is just breathing in the morning air, others it maybe freshly cut grass. Then you should go see your family doctor and see if they will prescribe you medicine to control your hay fever and allergies. In most cases you will have to take a pill in the mornings before you do any activities.

This will help prevent you from an attack or hay fever. It is so important to be able to prevent attacks because it will seem like forever before your medicine starts to work. If you have allergies like freshly cut grass, you should also think about closing any windows and doors. This will help block the spores from reaching you. Your doctor may suggest some more actions you may take to block the spores from getting to you and making you to go into an attack. Allergies are not something that you should put your life on hold for. Allergies can be controlled simply with one prescription. It is best that you talk to your talk and find out which medicine is best for you.

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