Allergy Mold

Mold is a live organism that is found in both the indoors and outdoors. Certain types of mold, like the black mold, can be found poison to human systems. It will break done dead material and grow by digesting animal or plant material. It spreads by spores that are air-born and travel through the air. Most molds are carried by the wind. Molds love and grow quickly in dark, damp places.

These places could be a basement, garbage can, or rotting leaves. On food, the mold is visible by being usually green and fuzzy. Molds can also spread its roots and branches deep into the food which makes it unable to see to the eye. This is why if you see mold growing on food you should throw it away.

Everyone is exposed to mold on a daily bases. Usually these are not serious in anyway. Some of the ways we could be exposed to mold is through the air or eat food that has mold spores that are just not visible yet. People with mold allergies can tolerate mold to a certain point and then they will have a reaction from being exposed to too much mold at once.

Some of the symptoms of the mold allergy is wheezing, sinus problems, itchy or watery eyes, and a rash or hives. With this type of allergy, it is almost impossible to avoid the mold spores completely. The mold spores are around us all the time. What we can do to protect ourselves is to not eat food with signs of mold. Just throw them a way. You shouldn't smell foods that you think are spoiled because you are inhaling mold spores. You can also avoid certain foods like mushrooms, blue cheese, and yeast products.

Other common sources of mold are vinegar and foods containing vinegar, sour cream, sour milk, and buttermilk, yeasty foods, and sauerkraut. Anything that is pickled or smokes can cantain a mold. Dry friuts are exposed to the mold spores because they are exposed to the air, and anything canned. You want to aviod the most of these items that you can so you do not have an allergy attack

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