Allergy Sinus

One of the side effects of allergies deals with your sinuses. Your head will begin to feel pressure and your nose will become stuffy. You may find it hard to breath through your nose and your nose may become runny. Because of the stuffiness of your nose, you will find that your throat will begin to hurt.

This is because you are using your mouth to breath with and that dries your mouth and throat. The drying causes pain to the throat. They are many over-the-counter drugs that you may purchase at a super-market or pharmacy. Most allergy medicine is made to help your sinus problems. They will clear up your stuffiness and relieve some of the pressure that you feel at the bridge of your nose. If you have extreme allergies, it may be best for you to see a doctor and give a prescribed medicine.

This may make you feel better and faster than an over-the-counter medicine. Sinus troubles can lead to serious problems. Not only will you feel like you have hay fever, but they can become infected. A sinus infection may be the miserable for you. You will become terribly ill and you will develop a high fever. If you believe that you have a sinus infection, then you need to see your family doctor or physician.

They will help you by giving you some antibiotics and other medicine to clear it up. You will know if you have a sinus infection because it will be something that you've never experienced. You will feel like you have a really bad flu, but it could be in the middle of summer. This odd behavior will definitely be noticed. Remember if a cold lasts longer than three days, you should go see a doctor to make sure that you don't have any complications.

A sinus infection will only get worse if it goes un-treated. You will dvelop a serious depression condition and you will begin to feel worse and worse everyday. That is why it is important for you to seek medical help when you first notice your cold. It may be able to be cured before you feel any worse.

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