Allergy to milk

It's hard to be lactose intolerant. You can such great food as cheese, yogurt, and ice cream that is sold and consumed every. Cheese is an ingredient that is frequently used in almost any dish. You may find that it's hard for you to digest dairy products. You make feel sick, dizzy, and ill fevered after consuming these products. You may also develop system problems with your lower intestines.

This is because your body is unable to process the matter and it then gets stuck in your waste track and causes you pains. The pains may be so severe that you are unable to function or get sick. Pain can cause you a fever and so on so it is important that you lean how to balance out your need for dairy and your allergy.

As for what is lactose, it is a sugar in milk and dairy products that is broken down in the lower intestines. The organ to help the body digest the substance usually produces its own lactose; it kind of cancels out the others. You may find that a medication you take before consuming dairy products help you and for others you may need to have substitutes. You may have to take a calcium vitamin so you can receive nutrients needed for your teeth and bones and you can avoid the pains or cramps. You may also need to take a pill afterwards to help coat your stomach, so the side effects aren't that bad.

Whatever works for you is what you should do. You need to know that milk has calcium, which our bodies need. If you are unable to have milk or dairy products as part of your diet, then you need to take supplements to help you feel better. Some infants are found to be lactose intolerant have special soy formulas to help the child get it's nutrients.

You should be able to contact your doctor about supplements. He or she may even suggest that you drink soymilk. Soymilk is produced from soybeans and contains no lactose. You may want to drink soymilk that is calcium fortified so that you can get the same amount of calcium as you would with a glass of milk.

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