Cat and Dog Allergies

Some people cannot house cats or dogs because they have pet allergies. Pet allergies can be torture if you are around pets on a daily bases. Some people own cats are live with some one who owns a dog and this can be a problem for you if you're allergic. You can be allergic to make different items when it comes to pet allergies.

You could be allergic to the inhaling of pet dander and hair; hair particles can be typically found in any pet owners home especially during the shedding times of year (spring, fall). You could also be allergic to petting this animals and break out into a rash.

When it comes to medication, you will probably be given a pill or a cream. Creams are for those who develop a rash from touching the dog or cat. Pills are given to people who cannot breath when around these animals. This is important to know what kind of person you are, so your doctor can prescribe you for your condition. Usually, if you are allergic to touching an animal, the rash will only be on your hands. You can develop hives due to your allergy because of the seriousness of your allergy. Some people who have an allergy attack can make themselves sicker.

You can develop a fever, rash, or infection because an allergy. This is why it is important that you try to resist scratching a rash or over-react. You should always stay calm when in an allergy attack or it can get worse. Some of the normal symptoms of an allergy are sinus problems, puffy or watery eyes, and sneezing or coughing. Your breathing will be affected as well.

Pet dander allergens are very popular among children and adults. You most likely won't grow out of it and your allergens could even get worse with age. You should always seek a doctor's advice when you think that you have any kind of allergy. They will prescribe you a medicine to comfort you and relieve your pain. Also, you may want to keep your pills or medication on you at all times, because you never know when you'll be attacked by an allergen.

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