Child asthma and allergy

Children are extremely sensitive to allergies and asthma. They have little lungs that may not be yet strong enough to fight off certain allergies and this can cause a reaction. Also, little children, under the age of three should only be eating certain foods so that they are not introduced to something that could cause an attack. An example of this is strawberries. Myth has that you shouldn't feed a child under three the fruit because they will develop an allergy to the food.

Asthma is where your air passages to your lungs become narrow. There are many reasons why you might have an asthma attack. You may have an asthma attack because of an allergy or because of an activity you engage in. Your muscles will tighten and cause your airways to begin to narrow or close. This can be extremely scary for a young child. With a panicky child, the attack will get even worse. It is best to calm your child down and administer the inhaler or remedy for the child.

To protect your child from allergy related asthma attacks; you should clean the house thoroughly. Every inch of your house should be dusted everyday, as well as your floors vacuumed or scrubbed. In the child's room, dust and dust mites need to be destroyed and nonexistent. By ridding the child's most common play areas of dust and dirt; you will be protecting your child from harmful spores or particles that can cause an allergy attack. You may also be interested in purchasing an air purifier. This will take out of the harmful spores that are in the air, as well as, let less dust land on the furniture and such.

You should seek your doctor's opinion about medication for your child. They are many different types of medication for asthma and allergies that are safe for your child to take. You should also ask your doctor if you can mix allergy and asthma medication together. You need to watch what medicines you take while under the influence of another. It could be just as harmful as an attack. Your doctor should be able to answer any questions that you might have.

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