Cleaning the bedroom

It is important that you take in consideration the bedroom when you are cleaning your house. You need to make sure that there aren't any triggers present in the room. This will help you or your family deal with asthma or allergy attacks less frequently. You need to make sure that the room is properly dusted every day or so and that the floor is clean. Some of the steps you can take to clean your room for your attacks are very simple.

Each room only has three areas: floor, walls, and ceiling. First, you should take a dry mop and wipe down your ceiling and the light fixtures. Next, you need to wipe down your walls and include getting every corner of the room. Corners are where most of the dust and cobwebs will stick. You should clean off any furniture and knick-knacks that you have in the room. Before heading to clean the floor make sure everything is cleaned so that the dust won't dirty your clean floor.

Next you will want to clean your heat runs by dusting them. Then you should start to swipe the floor. If your bedroom contains curtains, take them out before you start cleaning and either beat them or wash them. The entire room should be taken care of and cleaned at least once a week. If your child or even yourself has asthma or allergies pretty bad, then you should clean more often. Your frequency will depend on severity of your condition or your child's condition.

You may want to add an air filter in your room or the child's room. An air filter will get out all the harmful spores for your child, as well as, freshen the air. Your air filter should be cleaned or changed every now and then, so that you know it is working.

By following theses procedures, your family should be able to function with less asthma or allergy attacks. You may need to consult your doctor about your medication if you are still haven't troubles after you have cleaned the room or such. Cleaning is important for your personal health.

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