Comparing Asthma and Allergy

When you compare the difference between an asthma attack and an allergy attack, there is not much difference. An allergy attack is when you are provoked into an attack because you eat, touch, or breathe something that is sensitive to you. An asthma attack is when your muscles tighten and your air way begins to narrow. They can go hand in hand. An asthma attack can be caused from an allergy that upset your body. Another way to think of it is that an asthma attack is somewhat what it feels like when you're taking an allergy attack.

The two are pretty much similar in symptoms. Your chest will feel congested and your breathing will become shallow. Allergy attacks are a little different because there are different types of attacks. You may just have a reaction to something and a rash will appear. You may not be able to stop sneezing or coughing as a result of an allergy attack. You could also have a narrowing of your airways. It depends on what allergen is affecting you and how your body will react.

When it comes to both asthma and allergy attacks, you should consult your doctor immediately, because he may be able to give you or your child comfort immediately. By seeking medical attention quickly, your child will be able to understand why the attack happened and in ways to avoid the attacks. Usually, with a change in diet or act ivies you should be able to avoid asthma attacks. Allergy attacks are harder to avoid. We breathe in allergy agents everyday of our lives. There are constantly spores of mold in the air. It's not as easy to avoid an allergy attack, as it is an asthma attack.

Both can be management with a little help from friends and family members and doctors. Your friends and family members can help you clean your place up and make it less likely to give you an allergy or asthma attack. By cleaning properly you should be able to lower your amount of attacks. Also, when it comes to asthma attacks you can strengthen your lungs by becoming more active, but not to the point of strain.

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