Detergent allergies

Some people have extremely sensitive skin. This enables them from purchasing certain soaps, detergents, and clothing. Some people have a skin allergy to fabrics like sheep or rabbit's wool. This will cause them to itch and develop a serious rash. Other people are just sensitive to soaps.

Certain soaps contain ingredients like Aloe and they begin to have a burning sensation to the skin. If this ever happens to you, what you need to do is run your hand under cold water and wait for the sensation to stop. Other people need to watch what they wash their clothes with.

Certain detergents will cause the skin to have a burning sensation and a rash will quickly develop all over the body. This is very common in newborn babies. Their skin is so sensitive to everything that they will break out into a rash because of the harsh chemicals and additives in the detergent. With babies, you should buy a detergent specially made for the sensitivity of their skin. If you break out from a suspected detergent, read the label to the detergent.

This will help you recognize some of the ingredients that may be causing your reaction. You may also want to buy a detergent that isn't scented. Sometimes when they add scents to detergents and softeners, they use chemicals to give it an aroma. Some people become allergic to the detergent based on the scent.

When it comes to detergent allergies, the only thing that you can do is experience to see what you can and cannot use. In the mean time, your family physician should be able to give you some type of cream or medicine for your rash. When it comes to rashes, you have to be careful. Do not scratch a rash. Your hands touch many objects that may carry a germ or two. The germs will transfer to your hands and your fingernails are a perfect place to hibernate. When you scratch, these germs can get inside your rash from your fingernails. This will cause your skin to become even more inflamed and an infection will start.

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