Latex allergies

Latex allergies were first recognized in the 1970's. It is an increasing allergy that has many people alarmed. Most people who are at risk for a latex allergy is usually people who have to be gloves like in a medical workplace or in a restaurant. Latex can be extremely serious.

It has been noted for many deaths in the past decades because they were exposed to the substance. The FDA reports of more than a thousand compliments associated to latex and about fifteen deaths. Latex is an ingredient for over 40,000 products. It has a wide exposure and many people have found that the latex can burn their skin.

If you are unaware what latex is, it is the natural rubber taken from a rubber tree. It is a milky substance. There are some gloves that are made of a latex, but do not contain natural rubber. The natural rubber is what causes the allergy symptoms.

The allergy to latex comes in two different forms. Delayed hypersensitivity is the development of a rash that comes from using gloves or touching products with the allergen in it. The second type is much serious, even though your rash may be severe; it is nothing to really worry about. You should consult your doctor and you'll be able to get aid for the rash and any anti-bacteria medicine needed to keep the rash from getting an infection. Immediate reaction is referred to as anaphylaxis. This is where your blood pressure is lower, difficulty breathing, and even death can occur. Many patients with the second type will develop a severe hay fever.

You can be tested for a latex allergy by having a blood test and skin test done. Some people are highly prone to have immediate reaction; this is why a blood test is usually done to test for this allergy. An immediate reaction can make the person unable to breathe and eventually die from suffocation. If you are interested in taking this test, you should contact your doctor to find out if you are at risk for immediate reaction or if it would be a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

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