Skin allergies

You may find that you have sensitive skin and have many skin allergies. You may not be able to use a certain fabric softener or wear a certain type of fabrics (like wool) because of the harshness of the chemicals or fabric.

People who have a skin allergy is most likely to break out in a rash. If it is due to your fabric softener or clothes, it will be all over your body. You will begin to itch immediately and the skin will become inflamed. It is important that you do not scratch. Scratching causes infections that will make the rash even worse.

You will need to consult your doctor for a cream medication to get rid of the rash and give you some comfort. You may find that you will be unable to wear anything with like lamb's wool or rabbit's wool. When shopping or purchasing clothes, you will need to start to read the labels or tags on the shirts or item.

By reading the tag, you will be able to indicate if you are compatible with the fabric. You may find that you may need to buy an unscented softener or switch brands due to the itchiness of your clothing. You will need to wash all articles of clothing that was cleaned with the fabric softener that ahs caused you to itch.

If you get hives or a severe rash, you should consult your doctor and ask for medication. They will usually give you an anti-itch cream and maybe even a pill to get rid of any infections caused by your scratching habit. You will need to talk to your doctor about maybe what brand of soap to purchase so that you don't break out again. You may want to buy on of the more expensive brands, specifically made for those with sensitive skin.

These types of laundry soaps and softeners have no scent to them and have less harsh chemicals. This is good for newborns, because they have extremely sensitive skin. Most newborns are allergic to soaps and softeners because their skin is new to the world and the harsh chemicals that we grow to be use to.

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