Anxiety Alternative Treatments

There are a number of different ways to deal with anxiety. Beyond counseling and various medications, there are numerous relaxation techniques and herbal remedies that can be utilized by individuals to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Further, some vitamin supplements, changes in dietary habits, an increase in physical activity, and even new hobbies can help reduce the level of stress that anxiety often produces.

The herbal remedies that help individuals reduce anxiety and stress include Chamomile, Kava-Kava, passion flower, skullcap, Siberian ginseng, and Valerian root. Chamomile can be brewed as a tea, or the herb can be added to bathwater as a relaxant. Likewise, jasmine is an excellent relaxant, often commonly used in bathwater. Finally, no matter what herb one decides on using, they should speak with a professional herbalist or doctor before using the product.

Due to the fact stress adversely affects the immune system, it's important that those individuals experiencing anxiety take vitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements, taken on a daily basis, will help ensure that a person's immune system remains at peak function. Likewise, a change in dietary habits can actually reduce the onset of anxiety: by eliminating products that contain caffeine or refined sugar, individuals can successfully minimize the occurrence of anxiety. Along the same lines, adding moderate exercise to one's regular practices will improve body performance and will also give the individual a physical outlet for eliminating stress. Finally, some exercises like yoga or martial arts offers individuals the dual benefits of better health psychologically as well as physically.

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