Anxiety Drug Treatments

The following anxiety medications have their pros and cons, but for some, anxiety medication is literally the difference between making it through the day and not being able to cope.

Xanax – This medication is prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder and anxiety associated with depression. It also comes in a generic form, called alprozalam. The starting dosage of Xanax is usually between .25 mg and .5 mg with a total daily

dosage of 4 mg. Patients taking this drug need to be monitored as addiction can occur. Unfortunately, Xanax is often abused and is considered a "street drug" as well. Patients who are discontinuing use of Xanax need to have their doses gradually reduced so as to avoid adverse affects.

Valium – With the generic name of Diazepam, Valium has been around for many years as a treatment for anxiety. It is also used to treat muscle spasms and seizures. It may also be used to prevent night terrors (bad dreams). The dosage depends on the reason it is being prescribed, and the patient needs to be monitored by a physician when on this medication. Caution is urged against adjusting the dose yourself, and when it is time to end this drug therapy the doctor needs to decrease the dosage gradually to prevent adverse side effects. Unfortunately, Valium can be habit forming and is often abused by people who believe they can take it just when they are feeling anxious. Self-medicating in this manner is very dangerous, and you must never take anyone else's medication as each medication affects people differently.

Regardless of the anxiety drug treatment you are taking, report any unusual side effects to your doctor immediately. Never increase or decrease the dosage on your own and do not stop taking the drug without your doctor's approval, as most drugs in this class need to be reduced gradually.

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