Avoid Pain Poisoning

Pain poisoning is simply taking too many medications. You need to be patient. It's hard to control yourself when you're in so much pain, but you have to realize that pain just don't go away. Medications take time to reach you blood system as well. You need to allow the medication to work. You should never take medication because you feel that it's not working fast enough. That is when you will want to find other methods of pain relief.

One of the most natural ways to relieve your pain is by applying heat. Heat is a natural pain reliever. When you apply heat, you are allowing your muscles to stop contracting and to become loose. When your muscles are tight, you will feel the pain that the nerve endings are sending to your brain. They are sending you messages because they want to you know that some thing isn't right. The tighten of your muscles can be caused by stress or it could be caused by arthritis. Arthritis is a natural pain that comes from simply aging. It can be provoked from and old accident too. If you take a hard blow to your knee or shoulder at some point in your life, you're almost guaranteed to have some kind of arthritis.

Now that you know why you have pain, it's time to explain the process of painkillers. Painkillers at ingested and are taken through the digestive system. The medicine is absorbed into your organs that then take it to your blood system. Your blood then carries the medicine to the area of pain. How long do you think that would take? Sometimes your medicine isn't processed for 30-60 minutes. Medicine will not give you an instant pain reliever. You need to understand that when you take any type of medicine. Be patient, the medicine will eventually do its job and you will know it. Taking too much medicine will put too much of it in your blood system at once and you may overdose or have pain poisoning. It's simply nothing more than just taking too much at once and causing your body to breakdown because of it.

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