Bed Wetting: Enuresis

Bed wetting, enuresis as it is medically called, is a condition in which a child or an adult will wet the bed when they are sleeping. In short, virtually anyone that has this problem every night or just sometimes will be considering have a bed wetting problem. There are many things that can cause this condition to happen. Enuresis is very common in children. In fact, in a standard classroom of 20 to 30 children, it is likely that several will have a bed wetting problem. There are many causes to it but by far the most common is just that the body has not grown as fast as it needs to.

If you are experiencing enuresis and you are over the age of eight, then you may want to seek out the help of your doctor. There are many medical and emotional conditions that can cause bed wetting to happen. For example, a teenager that is under a lot of pressure in school, work or at home may face enuresis. There are many times when a child will be put under a lot of emotional stress and their natural reaction is to urinate or lose control.

In other cases, there are medical conditions that can cause bed wetting to happen. For example, a simple urinary track infection can be the reason that the bed wetting is happening. If this is the case, the enuresis should be treated by the doctor. A doctor can prescribe medications to get rid of the problems that exist and help you to get control of our bladder during the night time hours.

Bed wetting can happen to anyone but on thing that everyone has in common is the fact that they do not want it to happen. The condition may need treatment or it may be something that is outgrown.

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