The Malem Bed Wetting Alarm

Consider the Malem bed wetting alarm. There are many reasons why you may need to seek out the help of an alarm like this. In fact, the bed wetting in an adult or in a child can be helped when you use a treatment options like these wetting alarm. The Malem unit is a new unit and one that can provide an excellent level of help to the patient that needs it or to the care giver that needs to know when there has been an accident. The use of these alarms can be for warning or they can be used as a treatment to encourage the individual to get up and handle their needs properly.

There are many bed wetting alarms on the market, but you will want to seek out the help necessary when it comes to what the Malem can provide you. This unit is designed to be worn on the undergarment. When there is moisture sensed by the alarm, the alarm will signal to you that it is there. Two things can happen at this point. The Malem may be able to transmit this information to the other unit in which you, the parent or the care giver will be notified of the problem. On the other hand, the alarm can be placed near the bed of the individual with the bed wetting problem. It will sound to alert them that they need to use the restroom quickly.

The Malem alarm is safe to use and it allows for the help that your child or your loved one needs. In addition to this, it can be programmed with music or the sound of an alarm. The individual can gain confidence by getting up and getting to the restroom in time before the accident happens. Or, you can be alerted of the accident so that there are not surprises later on.

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