Is Teenage Bed Wetting Normal?

Teenage bed wetting is not something that is necessary out of the ordinary, but it is important for the parent to learn what it is that is causing this to happen to their teen. Often, teenage growth and the reaction to their surrounding circumstances are partially responsible for what is causing the bed wetting to happen. Most teens do not have this problem and that may be enough to cause a bit of alarm in the parent that is realizing the problem they are facing. So, to help you to determine what is causing your teenager to wet the bed, ask these questions.

* Are they worried, anxious, or upset about something? Emotional trauma and stress can cause bed wetting. These things can be small or large problems. Children, including teenagers that face bed wetting may be under a lot of worry or stress in their lives. To stop the bed wetting from happening, you will need to tap into why this is the case and then determine if they need to seek out counseling or reduce the stresses that the child is under. * Is the child experiencing a large growth spurt? This can sometimes cause the child to experience problems with wetting the bed as well. If necessary, you should help by providing them with a bit of help in handling these changes. * Medical condition scan cause bed wetting as well. If your child does not seem to be having the other problems listed here, you may want them to seek out the help of their doctor for bed wetting. There may be something physically wrong causing this problem.

Treatment for bed wetting is out there, but it is hard to bring a teenage child to the doctor without a bit of understanding. Any child that is wetting the bed is not doing it for attention and does not do it to make you mad. Therefore, punishing your child for bed wetting does not help.

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