Child Obesity - The Signals

Children these days are prone to obesity simply from the lifestyle we live in today. With television, video games, interactive toys and more, many children will sit inside all day instead of going out to play and getting some exercise. How can you tell if your child might fall into obesity? Look for these warning signs.

Foods - It isn't a matter of how much a child eats, it is what he eats that might lead to obesity. Does your child reach for an apple or for some cookies? Is dessert time any time? Desserts can be great, but reserve these treats for after dinner.

Lethargic - Does your child lack the normal energy to get through twenty minutes of a physical activity? Are most of his or her activities centered on one spot in the house like the computer or the television? This may be a sign your child is lacking the proper vitamins he or she needs for energy and growth.

Sleep - Is your child sleeping in? Does he or she lack the ability to get up early like he or she used to? Keep in mind that if children are sleeping too much, it means a lack of energy. Again this could mean a lack in vitamins and nutrients gained from eating healthy foods.

These are only a couple of signs of child obesity. Talk to your child about the things they eat, at home and at school. Don't stop buying the food you love, but start buying additional fruits and vegetables. It is just one way to help your child lead a long and healthy life.

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