Children And Eating Disorders

It may not be too obvious at first, but your child may be suffering from an eating disorder. Children's eating disorders might include obesity or anorexia without you even knowing it. Younger children sometimes might not even be aware of their behaviors, so you have to be on the look out for them.

To understand if your child might have a disorder, take a closer look at what your child eats during an entire week. Notice the behaviors too. Does your child pile on the plate and then eat everything and ask for seconds? Does your child ask for very little and then only nibbles? Does the child go straight for the bathroom after each meal? All of these signs could be an indication of an eating disorder.

Above all, talk with your child about eating disorders. Your child may have a completely logical explanation. Maybe the child ate a big lunch at school or dislikes the food placed on the table. Things like this are easily remedied. If you talk to your child first, you might help straighten out actions your child might not be aware are happening.

If you fear your child may be suffering from an eating disorder like obesity, bring your child to your doctor. Talk to the doctor about your fears. The doctor can help you put your child on a plan to help insure your child eats right and gets enough exercise every day. It might mean a little more effort on your part by eating the right foods and getting enough exercise too to set an example.

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