Eating Mentality

The mentality of eating encompasses both physiological and psychological issues. As Snoopy in the Peanuts comic strip says, "My stomach clock just went off." For humans, it's when our stomach starts to "growl" and gurgle, signaling us it's time to eat. These physiological symptoms are signs of the need to take in foods that will do many things for our bodies, such as provide energy, keep infection and disease at bay, strengthen our muscles, ensure that our tissues are healthy, and keep our organs working at optimum levels.

However, is it really our stomachs that are doing all the talking? Sometimes it's a matter of our brain overcoming our body. In fact, millions of people suffer from psychological illnesses that affect the body's need to eat. For example, these folks may suffer from depression or other conditions that cause them to crave "comfort foods". It's certainly not unheard of for a man to eat an entire bag of potato chips or for a woman to down a whole quart or half-gallon of ice cream during an eating binge. It's because they've decided upon food as the way to comfort themselves, rather than writing their problems down in a diary or seeking some other help in coping with their problems.

It's very important to adopt a positive eating mentality if you are, indeed, determined to live healthy. "No" means just that. No binge eating. Stopping at a small slice, rather than downing half or more portions of cake. Eat one bowl of cereal, rather than the whole box. It's easy to get the idea, so stick with it!

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