Is My Child Eating Right?

Are you are parent worried about child obesity? Some parents are not fully aware of what their child is eating. A child may sneak a few cookies while a parent is not looking. At school, children can often opt for French fries and hamburgers instead of a salad. How can a parent know what a child is eating? How can a parent help a child make the right decisions for food choices?

In all honesty, most children hardly remember the dinner they had last night, let alone remember everything they ate during the week. You will need to identify exactly what you are dealing with in order to handle potential eating problems. Talk with your children and discuss together what they eat. Help them to keep a diary of all the foods they take in during the day. Let them take diaries to school and write down everything. After a week, check back into the diaries. This will be a good record into what your children eat.

After the week is over, go over the diary with your child. Note the food choices that were made while you were not around. It is okay for a child to treat himself to a cheeseburger and fries for a day or two, but five days in a row and there is a concern. Explain to him about why we need a more diverse diet. To assist with this, plan meals at breakfast and dinnertime that will include much-needed vitamins and minerals. This way, if there are continued poor food choices at school, you know your child is getting some vitamins from the food he eats with you. It is a great way to know what your children eat and to help them learn the importance of a balanced diet.

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