Kids, Fruit and Vegetables

Most kids would rather eat something like a hamburger than even look at some broccoli. It is hard for children to make food choices thanks to the variety of products that are high in calories and low in vitamins and minerals. This might be the reason why some children become obese. Too many packaged foods are not very healthy for a young child.

There is a place for everything, and that includes food. Your child should have a healthy balance of foods like fruits and vegetables. How can you incorporate them into your child's diet?

The first step to introducing children to more healthy foods is to ask their opinion. Do they prefer bananas to apples? Oranges to grapefruit? Let them be in charge of the fruits and vegetables they eat.

Find new ways to prepare the food. A breakfast quiche could include a few veggies along with the meat and cheese and egg. There are a number of different easy to follow recipes that could help. Also, try checking out some cookbooks that are designed with kids in mind. They might have some fun ideas about how to get children to eat their fruits and vegetables by creating dishes kids love.

It only takes a little extra time and effort to help your child discover the wonderful tastes fruit and vegetables have. It might take some time, but they will soon learn that variety in life can be a very good thing. No more "same old" meals.

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