Colon Cleansers

With the help of a good colon cleanser and a healthy diet, rich in fiber and nutrients, people are getting healthier and feeling better than ever. Ideally, a person should have a bowel movement every 12 to 18 hours. That translates to having at least one bowel movement every day. Because of our refined diets and largely sedentary lives, constipation is becoming more the norm than an infrequent problem. In North America, it isn’t unusual to see turnover times of 65-100 hours. Without the use of a good colon cleanser, people with such poor elimination are basically poisoning themselves. Waste becomes more toxic the longer it is in the colon, and the toxins eventually get re-absorbed back into the body. What’s more, the discomfort and bloating are reason enough to look into a good colon cleanser! Overtime, a person can end up with waste that because so hardened and old, it will refuse to budge without the help of a good colon cleanser. A person will start to feel sluggish, experience mental dullness and have aches and pains.

What should you look for in a colon cleanser? If you suffer from constipation look for something gentle that you can use more than just once or twice a year. There are some really good herbal formulas available- gentle enough to use without worrying about having to rearrange lifestyles. Most people can’t get over how much better they feel after a good cleanse, with many experiencing weight loss and allergy cures!

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