Types of Colon Cleanser

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Using a colon cleanser has become quite popular amongst the health-conscious, and for good reason- ridding your body of toxins is a great way to improve your overall health and vitality. There are a number of colon cleanser methods that are widely available. These methods include colonic irrigation, enemas, herbal supplements, laxatives and oxygen-based cleansers.

Colonic irrigation is also known by some as colon hydrotherapy and is quickly becoming one of the most popular colon cleanser treatments. It requires a professional who will flush your large intestine using FDA-approved materials. Though it usually only flushes out the large intestine, the treatment can be adjusted to make a more complete toxin release.

Enemas are arguably the well-known colon cleanser type because they have been around for centuries. The effectiveness of an enema as a colon cleanser depends on what type you take. Most will only cleanse the lower part of the colon and won’t rid the body of all colon-based toxins.

Herbal supplements are growing in usage due to the high popularity of herbal supplements in general. These usually come in pill form and contain psyllium husk. This helps rid your body of toxins by stimulating the bowels and acting as a cleansing sponge as it goes through the bowels. The effect is usually temporary and is not normally used over the long term.

Laxatives are also a common type of colon cleanser that is available for a very small price over-the-counter. These stimulate the bowels but are usually only good for a one-time or short-term use. They do not make a huge impact on the toxins that may be hiding in the colon.

An oxygen-based colon cleanser is a newer type of colon flush that may be right for you. Not only do they rid your body of the toxins in the lower part or your colon like an enema or laxative, but they also break apart compacted waste that may be hiding in your colon as well. This makes sure that the majority if not all of the toxins in your digestive system are diminished or banished altogether. There are a few oxygen-based colon cleansers on the market that can be very useful in cleansing your system.

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