Depression and Diabetics

Scientist have found that people with diabetes are at a far more risk for developing depression. People who have been diagnosed with the disorder has depression because of poor glucose control. The diabetes affects a person's daily life and it decreases the quality of life.

Things that someone could have done before, they can't do anymore. They can't eat the foods that they may want; they can't control their diet or daily habits. Many people with diabetes have to check their sugar everyday by a drop of blood. Things like lack of control and changing a person's life is a reason why depression happens to some people. They begin to feel trapped in their own body. People who have diabetes and depression have a higher risk of death that of that with those who have just depression.

When it comes to disorders or diseases that effect the rest of a person's life like diabetes, the person will go through a grief period. This doesn't turn into depression until the person becomes overwhelmed with anger or denial. Some people can have the strength to look towards the positive and work through it, however, some people can never fully recover some thing that changes their life. Some people with diabetes feels like they have lost something valuable or precious.

Diabetes is a disorder that can scary people. The though of amputations, blindness, kidney failure, and even death related to the disorder can make people take a spiral spin to their own demise. If you notice that someone near and dear to you has been diagnosed with diabetes month ago and still seem mourning, you should bring their depression to the attention of their doctor. This way you can help your find safely get over the shock of something like diabetes.

You may want to suggest to your family member or friend that they should go to someone and talk about their experiences with diabetes and what worries them about the disease and if they have any issues. Diabetes doesn't have to be life-threaten and by talking about their insecurities they will feel better about 'the diagnose' and their depression could disappear once they realize they can live with it.

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