Depression and other Illnesses

Depression is a chemical imbalanced that has many causes. A chemical imbalance could be from a change in health or even a change in hormones. However, those who are stricken with serious terminal diseases are more likely to be affected by depression that any of the other causes. Depression will co-exist with other illnesses, rather it be physical or mental. Some of the illness that are popular to co exist with depression are bipolar disorder, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Many people will become shocked when they learn that they have an illness and then the shock will turn into depression. They don't yet understand the illness and they are in denial when the depression sets in. Recent studies show that those who have co-exiting disorders or illnesses with their depression are being treated for AIDS, cancers, Parkinson's disease, and diabetes. With treatment, the depression has been able to be controlled and by treating the depression, the patient's health improves greatly. When it comes to mental illnesses that depression will co-exist with, Bipolar disorder is the most common. Bipolar is a form of a manic depression that is treatable with certain medicines. When it comes to those with bipolar disorder, they are more than two times as likely to want to commit suicide. This is because people with bipolar disorder are unpredictable and have mood swings. One minute, things could be okay, and the next minute they could be extremely upset. Anything can trigger a mood swing and that's why depression must be treated as well as the bipolar disorder. If a person with bipolar disorder is not treated for their illness, it could be deadly. They could end up harming himself or herself or someone else. Their state of unpredictable actions and unstableness is another reason why a person needs to seek medical attention. If you know someone who is going through a tough time or dealing with an illness of any kind, you should try to keep an open mind and look for signs of depression. Once you have seen anything that could lead to them harming themselves or harming others, you should seek medical advice.

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