Depression in Children.

Most people think that depression is only for those who lose a loved one or for those who have a series of unfortunate events. For most cases, trauma is a reason why depression will affect a person. However, trauma affects those of all ages, including children. It should be no surprise that children suffer from depression also. The youngest case of depression ending with suicide is five years old. A five your old were that sad, could you imagine a depressed five years old? As many as one out of every thirty-three children are affected by depression. It's hard to tell what causes depression in children, but every aspect of a child or teens life affects their state of mind. With one bit of criticism, a child could break down and become unreachable. Children try so hard to find a place of their own and have friends that it could seriously destroy their mental health with just one comment. Parents need to know that your child isn't depressed because you are a bad parent. You child could be depressed for many reasons and death of family or friends is usually the root of the cause. Some signs that your child may be depressed at absences from school, isolation, change in behavior, and headaches. Of course, they could have the typical signs like overeating, eating too little or not sleeping or oversleeping. There are so many signs that your child or teen could be depressed that you may not even pick up on it. It doesn't make you a bad parent. Life goes fast and we tend to notice the things that we don't really want to see. The only way to find out how your child feels is to ask them how they feel. Be active in your child or teen's life. Do activities together and have some time set aside to talk about the trauma of being a kid in day's world. Don't pry, but let your son or daughter know that you are there for them and that you love them dearly. By letting, them know that you are there to talk to; they are more likely to want to open up.

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