Depression in Women

Depression is not gender specific and affects all different types of people when it comes to age, race, sex, and even social class. For women it is twice as more likely to affect them than men, but men are affected by depression. For the percentages of women to men who are depressed, the statistics would say that 24% of all women experience depression, while only fifteen percent of all men are affected by depression. Depression tends to also be more severe with women with one out of four women will be clinical depressed. Meaning, they will need to be hospitalized for their depression. For women many things can cause depression, but it's mostly all hormonal changes. A woman will become depressed when she begins to menstruate as an adolescent and a woman will experience depression again during menopause. Between the two hormonal states, a woman will be affected by depression numerous times. Usually, a woman will be affected by depression during the beginning of the menstruation cycle or period. This could affect a woman every month. As for menopause, women will experience a great depression because it is noted as the end of their youth. This is when many women begin taking antidepressants and seeking therapy. Many women will suffer from depression because of other triggers. A pregnancy or miscarriage can cause depression in women as well as postpartum. Trauma like the loss of a child or a lover will also cause women to hide from those who love and need them. Some women will handle their depression differently than others, but there is always one solution that usually helps women with their depression and the solution is therapy, talking, or bonding to a friend or loved one. Thought, therapy isn't the only solution, many Americans take medicine to reach the balance. If your mother or sister or loved one has been hit with a dramatic change in life or have been through some type of trauma, you may want to spend more time with them and let them know just how much you really care. Hopefully they will then want to seek help with their personal issues that they have had to deal with on their own.

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