Depression later in life

Depression is caused by hormonal changes, trauma, stress, and other social factors. When it comes to the hormonal changes, this affects teens and those who are going through the change of life once again. It is very common to see many teens depressed before and during puberty; however, it's also very common for women to get depressed when they go through menopause or the change. When it comes to depression because of menopause, many women feel that they have no purpose. Most women will associate youth and usefulness to their reproductive capabilities. However, being able to reproduce doesn't make you a woman. You're a woman regardless of that fact. To woman, losing their youth can be devastating and severe depression will set in. However, not just women experience depression later in life. Many men find themselves in the same boat. Men who find themselves hidden in their own darkness or depression is because they too don't feel useful. This is the time when retirement sets in and all of a sudden, they have nothing to do. They begin to feel helpless and in the way. They don't have to worry about their daily grind anymore and many of them will deteriorate after retirement. In addition, this is the time when we experience trauma mostly. This is the time where our bodies begin to fail and illnesses arrive. In addition, in our golden years, this is where we have to say goodbye to our closest friends and family members. It can be overwhelming to a person. The elderly who go untreated for their depression are actually more likely to get worse. The body will shut down even more when the mind is depressed. When living with a medical illness many of the elderly will seem like they give up. Truth is, they don't give up, their depression just gets the better of them. Untreated depression is the most common disorder as for the leading cause of suicide in the elderly. That's why if you notice a loved one who seems to be under the weather, try and spend more time with them or take more of an interest in them. The added attention will support them through the difficult times. You may want to consult their doctor as well.

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