Medications and depression

The kind of depression that involves medication is more than just the blues. It is a condition that lasts for weeks or months at a time and it seriously affects a person's life and how they approach life. It will interfere with a person's daily activities and will make them pull away from close family and friends. The side effects to depression include having difficulty sleeping or oversleeping and it will effect their diet. If you notice someone overeating or under eating they may be battling with depression. They will also have the feeling like they have no energy. They will begin to feel to weak to do the things that they love and they will begin to pull away from loved ones as a defense mechanism. Those who are severely depressed will have bursts of emotions like laughing or crying and won't be able to control it. As for the medication, antidepressants are used most widely for serious depressions. For mild depressions usually therapy is all that is required. Antidepressants are not a stimulant, but they reduce the symptoms of the depression disorder and help the person get closer to the way they felt before their depression downfall. Antidepressants are used for disorders that are characterized mostly like anxiety symptoms. These symptoms include panic attacks, terror, dizziness, difficulty breathing, chest pains, and rapid heartbeat. Depending on the person and their symptoms the doctor will choose their medication carefully. Some medications or antidepressants will take away all symptoms early on. Everyone responses differently to medication, so they may have to change the medication a couple times before finding something that will work for the patient. There are different types of antidepressants. The three types are Tricyclic, MAOI's, and SSRI's. Tricyclics are given to those with major depression. MAOI's are given to those with mild triggers like anxiety or phobias. SSRI's are the newer types and they consist of medications like Serzone and Effexor. Tricyclics are like Prozac and Luvox. The medication has some severe side effects, but they all differ person to person. Some people have had to change medication because it made them suicidal. When it comes to being diagnosed with medication, it is mostly trial and error.

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